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Local Leader Makes Global Difference

Glen Golish’s Boca Raton office is beautifully appointed and filled with professional awards and charitable accolades. He dresses impeccably and speaks passionately about his family, work and philanthropic life. He is a dedicated father of four and has been married to his beloved wife Rosa for 24 years.

Golish is considered by many in the industry to be an expert who specializes in economic, life insurance and estate planning strategies. As a leader in his field, representing multiple carriers, he has been honored by many of the top rated financial and insurance companies for his outstanding work. His most recent recognition was being named as the #1 producer in 2015 by MassMutual Financial Group, one of the most respected life insurance and financial services companies in America.

“I am dedicated to taking care of my clients and I always do what is best for them. I see myself as a financial educator and I make sure that I understand their most important goals and dreams so I can create the most efficient and effective plan for them. I want to help them realize their dreams.” He smiles, “Golish Financial Group helps people provide for their families and gives them peace of mind by teaching them sound economic strategies. Clients say they love to work with us because we help them create and preserve their wealth.”

After nearly three decades in this business, Golish shares numerous meaningful stories and is particularly moved when he recounts a meeting that he had with a very ill client in their bedroom. His client said, “Glen, because of your recommendations and assistance in implementing them I can put my head on my pillow every night and rest soundly knowing that my family will be financially secure.”

He points to his Jewish faith and his values as central to his success and also believes that his upbringing has contributed to his motivation. After playing soccer in college, Golish went on to play competitively in a semipro league. He still believes in the power of competition and strives to be his best in all areas of his life whether it be professionally, personally or philanthropically.

Yet as successful as he is now, the beginning of his career was very difficult. “I would have to reach over 100 people and stay at the office until 10 pm in order to set up 10 appointments. Upon graduation, my father gave me $3,000 and wished me luck. It was the best thing he could have done for me. I learned the value of hard work, perseverance and what it meant to be hungry.” His first mentor, Sid Friedman was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of corporate America’s most powerful people. “He made a huge impact on me and showed me the importance of always doing the right thing for the client.”

Golish begins each day with prayer and gratitude, “There is a lot of good that you can do in this world". In addition to his practice, he discovered another passion. After attending an Israel Defense Forces Boot Camp, he experienced firsthand how difficult it is to be a soldier. Golish serves as Board Chair for Helping Israel Fund which provides water backpacks, gloves, jackets, thermal underwear and much more to soldiers in need. “It is compelling when you align your passion and your philanthropy. Israel is a country that welcomes all faiths and plays a necessary role in security around the world.” He pauses, “That trip changed me forever.”

He is excited about the future. “There is so much more to do and I am still searching for ways to be better. I am so very grateful for my creator, my family, my community and my clients. I have lofty goals and feel extremely blessed knowing I make a difference in people’s lives.”